Man. Myth. Mishegoss.

I speak the truth. Maybe

I’m José Muñiz, and I study public life.

I teach philosophy at Lehman College in the Bronx, assist in the evaluation program at the School of Professional Studies, and keep a blog at Unhabitual. In my spare time, I organize a number of reading & discussion groups around the city.

I’m lucky enough to live in New York City, and unlucky enough to be a Mets fan.

You can contact me by twitter or email, but be forewarned: it may take me awhile to respond.[1]

Have a great day.

Semi-offical bio

José teaches philosophy at Lehman College/CUNY, and is a data analyst for the School of Professional Studies/CUNY. In between grading papers and slicing data, he thinks about the problems of public life and writes about topics such as racist jokes, the political appropriateness of hope, and the dangers of intellectual solution-giving. While working primarily as a pragmatist, he is unusually eclectic—for a philosopher—and sees value in a multitude of different philosophical traditions.



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  1. For a prompt response, students should almost always use my college email address.  ↩